The Square, it learned how to run.

Yeah, you know, it doesn’t sound that hard to do, and it really isn’t. But, any good game allows your character to run, jump, and do something other than stand around…. unless, that’s what you want. Anywho, I got it to work with the (left)-shift key.

Also, I learned something new. I need to include the *_Data folder for you guys to be able to test out the *.exe. So, here it is in a .rar file. Just download and extract, and play the little white square on the green background. (Download me here: Rawrrr!)

You’ll notice, the little bastard can go off the screen when he runs. Why is that? It’s because the running speed is too high, so it jumps so many pixels between each frame. The logic fails, as the way I have it written so far is that it can’t move further out once the square reaches the edge. However, it can jump  the full distance if he’s only 1 pixel from the edge.

SO… to do list for the next update:

  • Prevent the little square from ever (regardless of situation) going over the edge.
  • Make enemy (black) squares appear randomly on the screen – and – for now, do nothing.

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